Keratitis is definitely an inflammatory lesion in the cornea containing different mechanisms and causes of improvement. Ailments provoke clouding of the cornea, which results in an important reduction in vision. A concomitant scientific snapshot manifests on its own: , experience of any foreign entire body within the vision, slicing discomfort, elevated level of sensitivity in the cornea.lacrimation and photophobia Remedy - medicine and microsurgical (if corneal ulceration is discovered).

Basic information about the disease

Inflamed diseases of your eyes are the most typical in ophthalmic practice. Conjunctivitis is frequently manifested - about 70% of cases from the total mass of eye pathologies. Keratitis occurs no more often than 5% of sufferers.

The mechanism of growth and development of the disease is directly related to the structural attributes of the conjunctival cavity. Microflora is continually within it, which, despite having the least disturbing injury to the cornea, provokes its irritation. In most cases, against the background of keratitis, vision is sharply reduced; for correction, it is necessary to use microsurgical techniques in order to restore the optical properties.

In ophthalmic deep, practice and superficial keratitis are identified. Within the initially circumstance, the illness is a results of inflammatory pathologies. With superficial skin lesions, there are actually no cicatricial modifications, the cornea is not going to increase gloomy.

Depending on the nature of the pathology according to the classification, keratitis are:

viral and bacterial;


ulcerative and no-ulcerative;


seasonal keratoconjunctivitis;


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